Watchers are fallen angels. They were transformed into evil, reptilian creatures after choosing to follow Lucifer.


Watchers are bat-winged and black-scaled reptilian humanoids with razor sharp teeth and claws. However, they use their magic to regain their angelic forms.


Watchers are pure evil and as a result, are incapable of feeling the full spectrum of human emotions. They are sadistic even towards each other. They are cowardly, as they retreat whenever there is a chance that they may die. They are also incredibly vain, which is why they retake their angelic forms.


  • Supernatural Physiology: Watchers are much stronger, faster, and more durable than humans and possibly even soulkeepers.
  • Flight: Watchers can fly thanks to their wings.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Watchers can heal from any mundane injury and at a much quicker pace than humans.
  • Sorcery: Watchers can cast various spells and illusions, most commonly for pyrokinesis, shapeshifting, and teleportation. They also often make mind controlling elixirs.