Soulkeepers are superhuman warriors charged with protecting human souls and hunting watchers (fallen angels).

Becoming a SoulkeeperEdit

The soulkeeper gene is usually hereditary and it only manifests when they are in danger. However, normal humans such as Dane Michaels can become a soulkeeper artificially by drinking water from Eden, but they must be pure of heart for this to be successful.


Soulkeepers are just as flawed as normal humans, but are genuinely good people who have the innate desire to rid the world of evil.


There are three different classes of soulkeepers.

  • Horseman: The most common type of soulkeeper. They are the warriors and possess special abilities called "Gifts".
  • Helper: These soulkeepers have the responsibility of mentoring any horsemen they encounter.
  • Healer: The rarest type of soulkeeper as there can only be one per generation. As their name implies, they can heal the injured and sick. They can also "heal" situations. A healer is regarded as the leader of the current generation of soulkeepers due to their wisdom and connection to the In Between (A space between Heaven and Earth), which gives them knowledge of possible futures. The current healer cannot die unless they are released by their successor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

All soulkeepers possess superhuman strength, speed, and agility and as a result are excellent hand-to-hand combatants.

List of SoulkeepersEdit