Malini Gupta
Gender Female
Powers Healing Touch, Hand of Death, Regenerative Healing Factor via water, Telepathy.
Appearances Weaving Destiny


Malini is a selfless, self-sacrificing individual and is wise beyond her years. She is often burdened by her responsibilities of being the healer due to having to risk and even sacrifice the lives of others for the greater good.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Healing Touch: Malini can heal the sick and injured with a touch. Her touch burns watchers excluding Lucifer. However the usage of her powers causes her skin to burn.
  • Hand of Death: Henry aka Death transferred a portion of his power into Malini's right hand, giving it a skeletal appearance unless she wears a glove that mimics human flesh. This gives her the ability to kill anything alive with a touch and raise the dead to do her bidding. Watchers are immune to Malini's killing touch due technically not being alive, but can be overpowered by the zombies at her command. Usage of the Hand of Death has the same effect on her as her healing touch.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Malini can heal from nearly any injury by exposing herself to water. This ability is very useful for when she has to use her powers.
  • Telepathy: Malini can telepathically communicate with anyone who has entered the In Between.