Dane Michaels
Gender Male
Powers Power Absorption
Appearances Soul Catcher


Dane was initially a sadistic bully due to his upbringing and insecurities, but after having his life saved by Jacob Lau from being beaten to death by the watcher Ariel, he became selfless and considerate. Dane felt very inadequate due to being the only normal human in his group of friends but was thrilled to have learned that he had received the soulkeeper gene from Fatima aka Fate. Dane initially believed himself to be heterosexual and rejected the idea of being gay due being raised by bigoted parents but grew to accept his sexuality after falling in love with fellow soulkeeper Ethan Walsh.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Power Absorption: Dane's gift is the ability to take the powers of other soulkeepers. This is done by absorbing a fragment of said soulkeeper's soul. This ability has its drawbacks however, as it leaves said soulkeeper powerless and it puts strain on Dane's body and soul with the more powers he absorbs.